Welcome to the website of Pandit Ashok Pathak, master of the sitar and surbahar in the traditional style of the Pathak gharana.

Pandit Ashok Pathak occupies a special place in the North Indian Classical Music. Born and brought up in Kolkatta (Calcutta) as the eldest son of the late legendary Sitar and Surbahar player Pandit Balaram Pathak, he is a part of a musical heritage that dates back to the legendary dhrupadist, Gopal Nayak of the 12th century.

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Watch Pandit Ashok Pathak extend his personal invitation by means of a mesmerizing Chaiti Dhun composed by his late father Pandit Balaram Pathak.

Concert Agenda

Concerts, teaching and workshops

Pandit Ashok Pathak travels the world to perform as well as teach, both privately in the century-old "Guru–shishya" tradition as well as in multi-day workshops (held at least 4 times per year) to keep the tradition alive.

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Listen to a sample of Pandit Ashok Pathak weaving his magic on the surbahar and immerse yourself in the subleties and nuances of raga improvisation.